It's Important you know

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I am a person learning how to craft music as I journey through life.

This statement may sound obvious, even silly, but is crucially important regarding my creative process. Throughout life, we age. Our bodies adapt to our environments, grow strong, and wear out. We change, as does the world around us. Change is terrifying and beautiful. It is the nature of life. Yet regardless of these changes, the arrow of time pushes forward, lacking concern for whether or not we keep up.

Art is our strange and beautiful attempt to make sense of this story. Too often works of art are critiqued on personal expectations, rather than simply observing the work as it is. When expectations aren't met, art is dismissed as an uninteresting, or even a 'lesser' product. Consumers may simply refer to this as 'personal taste', but for the creator these critiques are paranoid of perfection. 

Art ought to liberate us. Fear ought not be the motivation for creation because art is abundant possibility; art is the universe without scarcity; art is unending expansion. Therefore, I see any piece of art as but one tile in the epic mosaic we call life, capable of being appreciated as a precious fragment of our collective story. What story have we told thus far?

As I write poetry and compose music while learning about life, I ask one favor of you. Let no piece of my work be taken as a final declaration. Much like our mysterious universe, I am also changing. I will change my style, I will open my mind, and I will turn directions because the nature of this world is impermanence.

I invite you to see these works as a progression of moments

reflecting on the past,

speaking to the present,

and pondering the future.

I invite you to see my work as





Most importantly, I want to invite you on a journey.

* * *

Will you join me?

Dec. 2016