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who i am...

I was born in 1992 in Michigan. I don’t have many musical memories until 2004 when I picked up a guitar that was lying around in our house and started learning how to play it. The following year, I was given an eight track recorder and I started recording instrumental music. In 2007, in my early years of high school my family and I moved to the state of Washington. Eventually, I got into carrying journals and expressing thoughts and feelings through writing poems, singing those poems, and producing and arranging songs and I haven’t stopped since. It is just what I love to do and I feel that I cannot not do it.

After graduating from Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Washington with a Bachelors in Music in 2015, I was excited to continue my musical journey. I was always intrigued by concept albums, so I decided to explore the nature of paradox. Quickly, I began work crafting and recording songs at home for my first project Bright and Gray which consisted of two EPs entitled Answers/Questions and Belief/Doubt. After their release in December of 2016, I eagerly began working on my second project, Spinning Jewel, a full-length album, also recorded in the comfort of my home, released March 16th, 2018. Spinning Jewel was a circular album about a journey “exploring a subconscious territory” featuring unique textures blending organic and electronic sounds to sculpt lush atmospheres. My music has been described as “deeply introspective, uplifting pensive, motivating and self-inquiring” ( and “an aural kaleidoscope” ( My second full-length album, No Room for Form is to be released early 2019.

I live in downtown Everett, and I enjoy going on walks with my wife, sitting in front of the fire place, and drinking a good cup of coffee while staring out the window.