Bright and Gray

In the little life I've lived I've misunderstood much. The old adage 'the more I learn, the less I know' has proven faithful. I don't expect that to get much different. What I have actually misunderstood is paradox. Paradox is like dissonance. Two notes coexist in a tension anxiously longing for resolve and release. Encountering paradoxes has caused paradigm shifts for me. Some shifts are slow and drawn out. Others are subtle, not realized until after the shift has taken place. A scientist searches for an answer to a question through hypothesis, trial and error, and data analysis. Years are poured in only to find no answers but only deeper questions. Expectations shatter. Assumptions fail. Structures of understanding crumble. But when the dissonance resolves, rebuilding begins.

Colors sing songs. Melodies become visible. Stargazing is looking into the past before any of us were even thought of. Emptiness is actually like an ocean. The world is no longer flat, but multi-dimensional. Paradox is no longer anxiety inducing, it's beautiful like a sunset. It feels like both an ending and a beginning, yet at the same time it is neither. All along it was just a continuation of the journey. It just depends how you see it. 

bright and gray is a concept project of two five-song collections. The first collection is an exploration of existential musings entitled answers/questions. The second collection is a personal testimony of deconstruction and reconstruction entitled belief/doubt.

Both collections are anticipated to be shared this winter.